Photography began for me not when I enrolled in my first photo class, but on my first journey, when I finally got the chance to use a camera to capture what I was seeing and how it was making me feel. I discovered my love for photography at the same time that I was discovering my love for travel and exploration. My childhood curiosity that had so often gotten me into trouble was now guiding me and photography was my newfound way of expressing the world through my eyes. At the time, I was in South East Asia with my father’s manual camera and a few basic lenses. I had a small understanding of how the camera worked and what made for a good photograph; I also had a bag of film, a map and two months time. When I returned from my journey, I raced my film to the lab and as soon as I saw the prints, I knew that I had to get my own camera; I was already trying to decide where I would go next.

Over the next two years I continued to study photography at Grossmont Community College in San Diego while finishing up my Bachelor’s degree at San Diego State University. Between semesters I would try to escape to some place unknown to me to explore and to capture the adventure on film. Upon graduating college at SDSU, I promptly quit my job, packed my truck and moved to Colorado to snowboard and photograph a world that I had only dreamed about before. I have enjoyed five amazing years in the Rockies snowboarding, shooting and hiking and now call Vail, Colorado my home during the winter and spring months.

To date, my journeys have taken me hiking and biking through some of the most beautiful wilderness in the western United States, snowboarding in the Sierras and the Colorado Rockies, and traveling through South East Asia, Central America and southern Mexico, and Brazil. Over the past eight years my work has been about the things that I love most; nature, snowboarding, travel, exploration, and the people that I share these adventures with. Now my work continues to grow with my love for food, wine and music. The coming year will bring more challenges in snowboard photography as well as product, food, music and adventure travel photography. The most exciting things about the years to come are the images and adventures in the making.

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